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If you are a Veteran, the Franchise Industry offers incentives through the VetFran Program. This program has been officially endorsed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Veterans Enterprise. 

Other services include: help with financing, acquiring E2 Visas and locating Franchise Attorneys in your hometown. 

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Hundred Acre Consulting is a full-service certified franchise consulting and refferal firm serving the US and Canada, with a portfolio of almost 500 Franchises available in 21 Industries. Our mission is to build community and economic growth by helping families and individuals realize their dreams through business ownership. 

My name is Daniel Hayes and I am the Managing Partner of Hundred Acre Consulting.


Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC does not conduct any business relating to the sale or leasing of real property or to the sale or marketing of any existing business enterprise. Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC seeks to connect potential franchisees with reputable national franchisors which are looking to expand into the geographic areas that Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC targets for its advertising campaign. In the event of interest expressed by a potential franchisee Hundred Acres Consulting, LLC facilitates gathering information from the prospective franchisee, and if appropriate, providing a direct connection to the potential franchisor. 

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 As a certified franchise consultant (CFT), I help you understand the Franchise Industry and reach your business ownership objectives. I consult, educate, and coach my clients. I introduce them to businesses that best match their background and goals and I help them determine if becoming a franchisee will attain those goals and is personally a good fit them.