Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC does not conduct any business relating to the sale or leasing of real property or to the sale or marketing of any existing business enterprise. Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC seeks to connect potential franchisees with reputable national franchisors which are looking to expand into the geographic areas that Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC targets for its advertising campaign. In the event of interest expressed by a potential franchisee Hundred Acres Consulting, LLC facilitates gathering information from the prospective franchisee, and if appropriate, providing a direct connection to the potential franchisor. 

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  • 500 Franchise Opportunities
  • 253 Available in Canada
  • 337 SBA Registered
  • 21 Industries of Choice
  • VetFran & E2 Visa Help

First and foremost, I do not sell franchises. Hundred Acre Consulting is full-service certified franchise consulting and development firm with over eight years experience consulting with clients about the franchise industry.

My process can be summed up in two words, "strategic planning". It stems from years of working in the public sector and is designed to help my clients identify their lifestyle goals and objectives and find businesses that meet that criteria. I research franchise opportunities that present a true opportunity for attaining those goals and present them in a manner that makes it easy to determine if it is a good fit. 

There are over 3400 franchises operating in the 21 industries that make up the Franchise world in the U.S. and Canada. I represent about 13% of them or roughly, 450 different brands. However, I only work for you.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner wishing to add to your portfolio or new to business ownership and seeking the stability and security of owning an established brand with a proven and successful model​; I can help you get there.

It is all about finding the business that presents a realistic opportunity for long term success and happiness. In other words, it's all about You.

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